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Life Stories

A Passion for Plants (DVD)

Superbly filmed on location in Kew Gardens, the Isle of Skye, rural Gloucestershire and the mighty Amazon - A Passion for Plants documents the career, life and Christian beliefs of one of the most scientifically gifted men of our time; and reflects on his vision and motivation as a current world leader in conservation.

A Touch of Plass (DVD)

Adrian Plass is probably Britain's best loved Christian humorist and writer. His lovingly satirical observation of modern Christianity has found a home in the hearts of believers of all denominations. For eight months, CTA's award winning documentary maker Crawford Telfer filmed Adrian as he travelled the UK and Europe.

Bartholomew - A Gift from God (DVD)

The joy of David and Lynne Gee's second baby abruptly changed when Bartholomew arrived eight years ago. He was born seriously physically handicapped due to a rare muscle disease arthrogryposis. A moving story of love, hope, faith and achievement.

Coming to Britain - An Immigrant's Story (DVD)

Through a series of encounters, Ram Gidoomal discovered a faith which gave him a new understanding and incentive. Why did he give up a dynamic professional career to raise money for charity? What motivates him now in his unusual blend of charity, business and writing? Here is one immigrant's story and perspective on a continuing journey.

Bartholomew's Gift (DVD)

A sequel to "Bartholomew - A Gift from God" - using footage filmed when Bartholomew was eight, and more recently when he became 21, this DVD tells the heartwarming story of a young boy overcoming a severe disability, and growing to become a man at peace with God and enjoying life to the full.

Just Fiona (DVD)

The last year of Roy Castle's life was lived very much in the glare of media publicity. Since his untimely death from cancer, his surviving family - and especially his widow Fiona - have had to pick up the threads and carry on. Fiona talks in depth in a moving and inspiring way that will touch many hearts.

Mama Luka Comes Home (DVD)

Doctor Helen Roseveare has lived the kind of life that is the stuff of Hollywood epics. Affectionately called "Mama Luka", she pioneered vital medical work in the rain forests of the Belgian Congo - now Zaire. A true story of love overcoming hatred, brutality and racial prejudice.

No Mercy? (DVD)

What causes a man to hate so much that he is prepared to spend his life in prison in exchange for killing his enemy? The stuff of Hollywood gangster films, Brian's story is dramatically told and is suitable for audiences from teens and older.

The Sacred Video of Adrian Plass (DVD)

"Was invited to make a video about my life. Can't think why. My diary's become far too public. Well, I suppose I could explain about the time before I started to keep my diary...I mean about the real me."

Unexpected Healing (DVD)

For well-known Christian author Jennifer Rees Larcombe from Kent, life was shattered when a severe viral infection left her disabled and dependent on a wheelchair in 1982. A companion to the book 'Unexpected Healing' published by Hodder & Stoughton, this is Jennifer's own story - movingly told with her family and the young lady who prayed for her.