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The Incomparable Christ

with Dr John Stott

Dr John Stott's London Lecture Series sets forth the beauty and uniqueness of Jesus in a most memorable way. Written and presented by Dr Stott, these DVDs with study notes are a superb church group study on Jesus.

The Incomparable Christ (set of 4)

One of the greatest evangelical Bible teachers of our time, John Stott presents a stirring defence of the historical Jesus and a wealth of insight on the impact Christ has made in people's lives.

Set of 4 incorporating: The Original Jesus, The Ecclesiastical Jesus, The Influential Jesus and The Eternal Jesus.

All 4 titles can also be purchased individually.

The Influential Jesus (DVD)

The history of the Church illustrates how Jesus motivated people. Dr Stott selects nine Christians across the ages and shows how Jesus influenced their lives.

The Eternal Jesus (DVD)

The original Jesus is also our contemporary. This lecture looks at the many ways he is presented in the Book of Relevation and asks how we should respond to him today.

The Ecclesiastical Jesus (DVD)

Paul wrote of false teachers who proclaimed 'another Jesus', and in every generation the Church has portrayed him differently, with varying degrees of accuracy. Can we avoid the opposite extremes of accommodation and irrelevance?

The Original Jesus (DVD)

The New Testament has a rich diversity of author, background, content and emphasis. Nevertheless, the various writers are at one in the clear picture of the Jesus they present.