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New Productions

Thank God For Football (DVD)

Did you know that nearly a third of the clubs that have played in the English FA Premier League owe their existence to a church? Football historian Peter Lupson tells the story of the people who have made an exceptional contribution to this beautiful game.

Mightier than the Sword

Throughout history emperors and dictators, kings and queens, regimes and religions have done their best to destroy it - and failed.

Going Strongly for the Summit - John Blanchard

‘Going Strongly for the Summit' is a documentary celebration of John's life, filmed in Albania, the USA, the Highlands of Scotland, the Hebrides, London and Surrey and of course his beloved island of Guernsey where his story begins.

George for Real (DVD)

The life story of George Verwer – a compelling message of God’s radical grace, has just been released – produced by award-winning film makers CTA (Christian Television Association)