Discovering - Real Lives


A Series of 8 x 4 min mini-documentaries More

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Discovering - Real Lives

A Series of 8 x 4 min mini-documentaries

A Series of 8 x4 min mini-documentaries:

  1. Debra Searle hit the headlines in 2001 when she became the first woman to row across the Atlantic singlehanded - an experience which dramatically changed her life.
  2. Dave and Jan Donegani describe life with two adult children who have a very rare genetic condition requiring constant care 24/7. A very moving and powerful story. 
  3. Dr Sally Venn is a GP in Wales who is discovering that her faith in Jesus Christ brings real security and peace as she lives with the possibility of developing cancer.
  4. Eddie Watt was a plumber in his native Shetland. One stormy night, he had an encounter with God and as a result trained to be a missionary pilot flying in Africa.
  5. All Black Rugby star Inga Tuegamala is proof that being a Christian is not for wimps.
  6. Professor Stephen Taylor, on a ferry across the Mersey, shares how his love for science is no hindrance to having faith in Jesus Christ - in fact it’s the opposite.
  7. Ram Gidoomal came to Britain with his family seeking refuge from persecution in East Africa.  He not only found a new way of life – he found a new faith which transformed it.
  8. Robert Hicks was born literally tongue-tied and dyslexic. At a time when these conditions were not understood, people thought he was just stupid.  But thanks to a small operation, and a big book, his life took a different direction.  He eventually became a successful publisher – of books.