Great News for the Small Screen

Welcome to the Christian Television Association.  CTA produces a wide variety of programmes designed for audiences of all ages, and at all levels of interest in Christianity.  Many of our documentaries and features are ideal for showing to people who have little or no experience of faith. Our aim is to present Christianity in an objective documentary style with high production values.

CTA is a 'not-for-profit' organisation and all revenue derived from the sale of DVDs is ploughed back into making more award-winning programmes with high production values. 

Featured Products

  • Out of the Ashes - the story of CT Studd  He had fame and wealth and gave it all away!  This docudrama explores Studd's extraordinary life.  Filmed in England and China. Nominated for an ICVM Crown award for Best Documentary under $50,000.
  • John Bunyan - The People's Pilgrim  He wrote one of the world's most famous literary works, Pilgrim's Progress, but few know his story.  This documentary bring's Bunyan's own pilgrimage to life and its relevance for today
  • George... for Real  The life story of George Verwer, founder of one of the world's largest missionary movements, Operation Mobilisation (OM).  Journey with George to five continents and see how his story inpires, challenges and enourages.
  • Thank God for Football!  English Premier League winners, Manchester City.  European Champions League runners-up, Liverpool.  Newly promoted to the Premier League, Fulham.   What do they all have in common?  They owe their existence to a church!  We tell their story, along with eight other top clubs in this 11 part series.