Great News for the Small Screen

Welcome to the Christian Television Association.  CTA produces a wide variety of programmes designed for audiences of all ages, and at all levels of interest in Christianity.  Many of our documentaries and features are ideal for showing to people who have little or no experience of faith. Our aim is to present Christianity in an objective documentary style with high production values.

CTA is a 'not-for-profit' organisation and all revenue derived from the sale of DVDs is ploughed back into making more award-winning programmes with high production values. 

Featured Products

  • James Hudson Taylor - called by God into the Heart of the Dragon.   Multi award-winning production.  An insightful documentary which recreates some of the highs and lows of Hudson Taylor's life and ministry.  Watch the story unfold through narration, re-enactments and historical insight and discover more about James Hudson Taylor, the man behind the mission.  Filmed on location in UK, Taiwan and China.
  • In God's Company - Thomas Cook, travel pioneer  There is no name in the world more instantly recognizable in connection with travel than Thomas Cook.  His great passion was to bring people closer together and nearer to their Creator by making "God's earth with all its fullness and beauty" accessible and affordable to all.
  • In God's Company - William Hartley, the greatest name in jam-making  Today William Hartley would be applauded for establishing a brand that made him immensely wealthy, yet his aim was not material success but to "serve the Lord every day to the best of may ability".  His business practice relected his faith, earning him an outstanding reputation for integrity, quality and customer care.  This documentary tells his inspiring story.
  • Flying High for the Glory of God   Be inspired by the extraordinary life of Orville Rogers in this engaging documentary.  Pilot and world champion runner, trained bomber pilots in World War II, flew the B-36 on secret missions during the Korean Conflict and managed to squeeze in a thirty-one year career as a pilot with Braniff Airways.  He was born in 1917 and at the age of 50 Orville took up running and was still running 50 years later!
  • The Robert Hicks Story  His childhood was marked by parental neglect and abuse, his body afflicted with Ankylglossia (commonly referred to as being tongue-tied), and his mind challenged by dyslexia.  With a start like that, one might assume that Robert was destined for a troubled and unproductive life.  Yet, as an adult Robert Hicks became a successful entrepreneur.  Discover how Robert went from forgotten child to faithful follower in this personal and profound documentary.