Great News for the Small Screen

Welcome to the Christian Television Association.  CTA produces a wide variety of programmes designed for audiences of all ages, and at all levels of interest in Christianity.  Many of our documentaries and features are ideal for showing to people who have little or no experience of faith. Our aim is to present Christianity in an objective documentary style with high production values.

CTA is a 'not-for-profit' organisation and all revenue derived from the sale of DVDs is ploughed back into making more award-winning programmes with high production values. 

Featured Products

  • Sifting the Evidence - NOW AVAILABLE.  Filmed on location in Israel a the month before lockdown!                                                  This beautifully photographed two-part documentary series takes you inside fascinating sites and allows you to see them as never before.  Insightful commentary from the host and a team of experts will tell us what archaeology shows about the historical accuracy of the Bible.