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During lockdown it's business as usual. Perfect timing, in February we were able to film in Israel for our latest production - "Sifting the Evidence", a new 2 part documentary and bible study series, sifting the archaeological evidence to discover the authenticity of the bible. Now, during lockdown, we are able to work on post-production.

God's timing is perfect!  We were able to capture some great material while filming in Israel, in February, with Dr Chris Sinkinson - author, archaeologist and theologian from Moorlands College, looking for evidence of the authenticity of the bible.  We plan to produce a two-part documentary along with a 2 x 4 part bible study series for completion by the end of the year.  Little did we realise that within weeks of our return we would be in lockdown.  Had we stuck with our original plans to film in March the project would have been scuppered!  As it is, now is a perfect time to be working on post-production, working from our homes, piecing together the production.  Watch this space for more information as the project progresses.