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Have you ever seen an ancient object or ruin and wondered what stories they could tell?  Each bears a testimony to some ancient event or forgotten soul. Treasure’s found on archaeological sites are not gold or precious stones but written texts, on a tablet, a monument, a parchment – these inscriptions speak to us from the ancient world. They tell us of people’s ambition, hopes, dreams and sorrows. 

We go on a journey of discovery to the ancient near east, the world of the Bible, sifting the evidence.    We filmed in Israel with biblical expert, Dr Chris Sinkinson, who is passionate about archaeology and the Bible.  Journeying we read the Biblical texts revealing the voices of an ancient people telling us what they thought, what they did and things that happened.  

Can we trust their descriptions?  Is this fiction or did this really happen?  By reading the Biblical texts alongside the material remains of the ancient world we will be in a much better place to answer these questions.  Showing that the Biblical texts are historically accurate and tie in with world history. 

There are many false and sweeping statements made today about history, especially Biblical history and the authenticity of the Bible.  Our aim is not to argue over controversial issues but simply to reveal some basic archaeological and historical truths about the Bible that people need to know, presented in an engaging visually stimulating contemporary shooting/editing style.

We are producing a 2 part documentary series covering the history of the old and new testaments of the Bible.  Dr Chris Sinkinson takes us on a journey and a meets up with some experts along the way giving their insight.  We will travel to Israel, visiting inspiring landscapes, ancient sites, current excavations and museums.

These ancient voices are still speaking to us today in our modern world and we need to echo them.  We believe this 2 part documentary series will be an encouragement and challenge to Christians as well as a wider  audience.  We also plan to produce additional material which will include two 4 part bible study series with accompanying study materials, suitable for small groups or individual study.